Historical Romance: Assignment 2

Historical Romance: Session 2
October 4, 2018, 2-4 PM
Lisle District Library 


Read at least two historical romance books, each featuring a different character type or a theme of your choice.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of protagonist types/themes you are likely to encounter in historical romances: duke/duchess, lord/lady, marquis/marchioness, rake/scoundrel/rouge, cowboy, governess, orphan, Highlander/Scot, Viking, pirate, royalty, scandal, runaway bride, strong-willed heroine, heiress, spinster, bluestocking, marriage of convenience, arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, fairytale retellings, class differences, illegitimate daughter/son, love on the road, heroine disguised as man, and more.

Use the following resources to help you pick your historical romances, but feel free to refer to other resources or romance lists of your choice:

Eye on Romance

Heroes and Heartbreakers

All About Romance

Jennifer Hallock-Fabricated Historical Chronotopes in Romance Genre Fiction

Historical Romances Books

Avon Romance


Happy Ever After

Romantic Historical Reviews

RT Book Review (inactive but worth checking out)

Questions to consider for our next discussion:

–What resources did you use to find your historical books?

–What did you like/dislike about the resources you used?

–Why did you choose a book featuring a particular character type or a theme?

–What was your response to the romances you picked? Did you like/dislike them and why?

–Think about the historical era, tone, plot, language, characters, and the heat level of the romances you’ve read.

–Would you read another romance book by this author, set in this time period, or featuring this particular character type/theme?

If you have questions or need help in choosing your historical romance books, email us at sc@arrtreads.org and simply state the type of character type or theme you would like featured in your historical romance. We would love to help!